Structural Similarities Between Human Brain And Universe

Science Alert published an article looking at studies comparing the structural similarities between the human brain and the universe (of course one might point out that you likely could compare the universe to the brain’s of other primates, dolphins, whales, hogs and say a lot of similar things… anyway). Ya wonder if these doinks ever heard the terms “macrocosm” and “microcosm.” Here’s an excerpt:

“The two types of structures differ in size by 27 orders of magnitude (that’s a billion billion billion). But the team’s results suggest that, while the physical processes that drive the structure of the Universe and the structure of the human brain are extremely different, they can result in similar levels of complexity and self-organisation, the researchers said.

“The starting point was working out similarities between the two. The human cerebellum has around 69 billion neurons; the observable cosmic web contains over 100 billion galaxies. That’s one.

“Both systems are arranged in well-defined networks, with nodes (neurons in the brain, galaxies in the Universe) connected via filaments.

“Both neurons and galaxies have a typical scale radius that’s only a fraction of the length of the filaments. And the flow of information and energy between nodes is only around 25 percent of the mass and energy content of each system.

“In addition, there are similarities between the composition of the brain and the composition of the Universe. The brain is around 77 percent water. The Universe is around 72 percent dark energy.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi


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