Here’s a tip gleaned from this week’s Strategic Sorcery Magick Monday newsletter:

“Throughout all my classes, one of the questions I always get is “Will this work without physical links to the target?”. When I consult with someone about magic they did to figure out why magic didn’t work, it is often the lack of any serious magical link that is the biggest problem. A magical 404 not found. Some of you have never committed petty theft to get a magical link and it shows…..

“I get it. Getting solid links is often inconvenient, mildly illegal, or just gross. But let me tell you, its the 10X factor for any magic. Put the effort in and the result will show. There are really four ways to establish solid physical links. In each category, the more personal it is and the more related to the goal of the spell it is, the better it is.

“1. Links from a person – this would be the pocket full of used Trojans in the song. Classic magic for binding lovers. Still gross, but classic. As for me I once plucked hair right from someones head when I was younger. Personal links are worth a bit of effort. At very least you can find a signature of a document or something. Foot tracks are harder to come by when we mostly walk on concrete, but its still doable if you are slick. One of the most effective Sorceresses I know keeps a filing cabinet full of links to literally everyone she meets. If you know her, something of yours is in there.
2. Links from a place – dirt from a place where a person lives or from a company you want to effect can do wonders for a spell, as can items with logos. Go in an grab some stationary for crying out loud!
3. Planting links on a person – Sometimes you will want to bring the magic to the target rather than the other way round. This is the whole purpose behind magical powders in Hoodoo. Anywhere a target walks over or anything they touch can be effected. If you know where someone is going to be, such as a courtroom or location of a speech, there is a lot that you can do to plant magic for them to step in.
4. Planting on a place – This is one of my favorite techniques. I have encircled entire buildings with powder. I have placed sigils on mirrors that will then reflect the sun into a building. Anything is possible. I once took a friend with a video camera to to a public spot that I wanted to do a full ritual at. with full ritual kit and regalia When someone stopped to wonder what I was doing, it looked like we were filming a scene for an art project or something.

“There are some things you probably shouldn’t do of course. No breaking and entering. No assault. It may be tempting to  just walk right up to someone and blow powder in someone face Serpent and the Rainbow style, but you will probably get arrested. Also, unless they immediately fall down gasping for air you look like a putz.

“Please lets also abandon the practice of planting love magic in peoples food and drink. It is traditional for sure, but given the very serious and widespread problem of date rape drugs, you are just an ass if you do this. Also, if you get caught, your “its not roofies, its magic!” defense is not going to save your pathetic ass.

“So, to sum up: Rather than just launching your magic into the ether, make some effort to get proper and personal links. Give them to the spirits, drive your candles into them, or use your magic itself as the link and plant it on the person or place. The effort you make will show in your results. ”

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