Stephen Bannon A Fan Of Esotericist Julius Evola?

To date, the current administration’s apparent relationship to the world of occult ideas has primarily been hostile as in the false accusations that Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta had taken part in Satanic rituals including bodily fluids led by Marina Abramović (the event was actually a thank you party for Kickstarter contributors who’d supported a drive to open an arts center in upstate New York – story detailed here: But the New York Times recently ran a story suggesting that Julius Evola is currently a figure valued by Trump’s chief strategist Stephen Bannon as well white nationalist spokesperson Richard Spencer.

Here’s some tidbits from the article:

“Those trying to divine the roots of Stephen K. Bannon’s dark and at times apocalyptic worldview have repeatedly combed over a speech that Mr. Bannon, President Trump’s ideological guru, made in 2014 to a Vatican conference, where he expounded on Islam, populism and capitalism.

“But for all the examination of those remarks, a passing reference by Mr. Bannon to an esoteric Italian philosopher has gone little noticed, except perhaps by scholars and followers of the deeply taboo, Nazi-affiliated thinker, Julius Evola…

“’It’s the first time that an adviser to the American president knows Evola, or maybe has a Traditionalist formation,’ said Gianfranco De Turris, an Evola biographer and apologist based in Rome who runs the Evola Foundation out of his apartment.

“’If Bannon has these ideas, we have to see how he influences the politics of Trump,’ he said…

A March article titled “An Establishment Conservative’s Guide to the Alt-Right” in Breitbart, the website then run by Mr. Bannon, included Evola as one of the thinkers in whose writings the “origins of the alternative right” could be found…

“’Julius Evola is one of the most fascinating men of the 20th century,’ said Richard Spencer, the white nationalist leader who is a top figure in the alt-right movement, which has attracted white supremacists, racists and anti-immigrant elements.”

Best y’all read the entire article here:

Wikipedia provides some background on Evola’s occult involvement:

“A keen mountaineer, Evola found the experience a source of revelatory spiritual experience. Evola describes a spiritual crisis after his return from the war. He had experimented with drugs and with magic until, around age 23, Evola considered suicide. He says he avoided suicide thanks to a revelation he had while reading an early Buddhist text. The text dealt with shedding all forms of identity other than absolute transcendence.[10]

“Subsequently Evola developed the doctrine of ‘magical idealism’, which held that the Ego must understand that everything that seems to have a reality independent of it is nothing but an illusion, caused by its own deficiency.’ For Evola, this ever-increasing unity with the absolute involved expanded participation in the absolute individual understood as unconstrained liberty, and therefore unconditioned power.[10]

Evola was introduced to esotericism by the early supporter of fascism Aurturo Reghini, who sought to promote a ‘cultured magic’ opposed to Christianity. Reghini introduced Evola to the traditionalist René Guénon. In 1927, Reghini and Evola, along with other Italian esotericists, he founded the Gruppo di Ur (the Ur Group). The group’s aim was to provide a ‘soul’ to the burgeoning Fascist movement of the time through the revival of ancient Roman Paganism, and influence the fascist regime through esotericism.[12][10] Reghini’s support of Freemasonry would however prove a bone of contention for Evola, accordingly, Evola broke with Reghini in 1928.[10]

“Evola wrote prodigiously on Eastern mysticism, tantra, hermeticism, the myth of the holy grail and western esotericism. He held that the alleged superiority of the West over the East lay in the fact that in mythical times the warrior and priestly paths converged.[10]

Access the whole biographical sketch here:

For a time Evola associated with “Satanic Woman” and eventual founder of the Fleche d’Or, Maria De Nagloska during her stay in Rome in the early 1920’s and wrote about her in his book Eros and the Mysteries of Love: The Metaphysics of Sex.

As WTF as all this may be, I will point out that the historical record does not indicate that the Italian fascists nor their German allies were especially friendly to magicians and other occult practitioners.

Aleister Crowley was expelled by Mussolini’s government from Italy where he was overseeing the Abbey of Thelema on Cefalu in 1923. While he evinced interest in both Mussolini and Hitler early in their political careers he soon came to regard them with great contempt and was vehement in his condemnations of them. There are interesting claims of him working with British intelligence to fight the Third Reich via esoteric means including offering the “V” sign of Apophis to fight the talismanic power of the Nazi’s reversed swastika.

In 1935, Karl Germer was arrested by Nazi authorities for being a Freemason and translating the writings of Aleister Crowley into German. A few years later he would suffer worse, as recounted at the U.S. Grand Lodge website of Ordo Templi Orientis:

“When World War II broke out in 1939, international communications became increasingly disrupted and civilian travel was limited. Crowley became very dependent on foreign representatives, being unable to travel himself. Karl Germer, Crowley’s German representative, was arrested by the Gestapo and confined in a Nazi concentration camp for ‘seeking students for the foreign resident, high-grade Freemason, Crowley.”


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