Steffi Grant – the passing of an Iconic Occult Artist

SteffiGrant Portrait by Austin Osman Spare

I remember the impact that the artwork of Steffi Grant had upon my life at the beginning of my journey into the world of esoteric endeavour. She embodied the fusion of Art and the Occult which personally resonated and inspired me greatly to express my occult process artistically. BWH 


Steffi Grant: the passing of an Iconic Occult Artist


‘It is with great sadness that I am announcing the recent death of Steffi Grant. She passed away at a hospital in north-west London on 6th October after a short illness. It was agreed with her family not to announce her death until after the funeral…





‘A highly-skilled artist whose work was integral to Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian Trilogies, she was also an extremely good writer, as attested by her enthralling Introduction to ‘Zos Speaks!’ as well as several essays of hers throughout the Carfax Monographs.’

Michael Staley


Barry William Hale

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