Stefanos and Shay on Becoming Kink Educators

Shay and Stefanos

In an Order that knows the power of sex magick, one would expect that many initiates would be interested in sexuality in all its many facets. Some go so far as to gain degrees in psychosexual knowledge, others seek education at a more personal level, or both! How to pass on what one has learned?

Many sex educators outside the Order are well aware of the magick of sacred sexuality and kink. Among these are Stefanos and Shay, who tell us on their official website: “Shay is an ER nurse by day, education director for the San Francisco Citadel by night, while Stefanos is all kink all the time as the Producer/Steward of The Upper Floor on and DM & CEO of Bondage-a-Go-Go. Together they created the bondage education website They are based in San Francisco, where they were named King & Queen of Pervert’s Prom in 2006!”

Kink educators Shay and Stefanos discuss how they started teaching in this video. Safe for work, as long as you are using headphones.


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