Want to Get Lucky? Try a Nice Steak Dinner!

Image of the Banquet at Maracanda

Did you know that culinary delight and orgasm use some of the same parts of the brain? “The orbitofrontal cortex, where orgasm and taste perception overlap, is likely the critical region for the foodgasm. It isn’t the same as an orgasm, but it’s nothing to sneeze at either,” says John S. Allen, a Research Scientist at Dornsife Cognitive Neuroscience Imaging Center and the Brain and Creativity Institute, University of Southern California.

Image of the Banquet at MaracandaWhile talking about neurons may not be your idea of foreplay, understanding how food relates to other pleasures of the flesh might be helpful to a sex magician. In the method of science, you might want to read The Omnivorous Mind.


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