Start Your Weekend with Healing Gumbo

a big pot of gumbo

Cover of the African American Ritual CookbookOkay, honest post here. I have some writer’s block going on. I can usually come up with a topic related to sex or food, since those are my blog beats, but today I’m just drawing a blank.

Yes, I know the Three Days are coming up. I’m in preparation for them which might be part of the reason my brain isn’t focusing on anything else. I’m sure there will be articles about that in the coming week.

Meanwhile however, here’s a lovely recipe from the author of The African-American Ritual Cookbook, Lilith Dorsey. It looks like it would be reasonably easy to adapt to a vegan or vegetarian diet with a little creativity, if that’s your gig.

The nice thing about this recipe is that the author actually discusses the reason she uses some of the ingredients! That’s helpful, even if her path isn’t yours!

New Orleans Voodoo Healing Gumbo Recipe.



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