Sputnick1985 Introduces Clothing Line Using David Tibet’s Art

As we’ve noted before, Sputnik1985 have introduced a clothing line featuring designs based on the artwork of O.T.O. Cabinet member David Tibet, primum mobile of the “apocalyptic folk” ensemble Current 93. He recently stated:

“I have LongDreamed for a collection of clothing to be made of my artwork such as this, and I am Honoured TO THE MOON AND BACK that the wonderful Sputnik1985 have launched this tremendous and beautiful range.

“It is more than I could have hoped for. From the Chariots who Breathe at Night, to Pazūzu as he OverShadows the CHILDREN who SING in HELL, to the Dragonic ANTICHRIST, as Proud as Dark Punch, a Thousand Witches on your chest, a Mirror Emperor just out of eye—BELLA arises from the Red Barn, and sees the flags of the KING as Sun and Moon.

“All of this has been crafted with such care, and offered up with such love, by the perfect Sputnik1985. If I had known, when I started Channelling Current 93 so many years ago, that one day my paintings and scribbles and spheres would become so alive and as real as rainbows on body and wall and feet and toes, how happy I would have been. And how happy I am now, thanks to Sputnik1985, who have made my dreams as close as your face to mine. Thank you to all who were involved, from the tiniest mouse to the most beautiful model. Спасибо Спасибо Спасибо 93 times from Hastings to Russia, from me and my cats and the masks on my wall, whilst the birds are sweetly singing.”

David Tibet
Hastings, 24/III/2019


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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