Splendor Solis is not at all a laboratory book

Splendor Solis is a book on alchemy originally published in 1582. The Moleiro publishing house is offering a new edition.The posted descriiption says:

This book on the most beautiful alchemy treatise ever made is now available for you. We are talking about the Splendor Solis (1582, Harley 3469), a British Library gem bound in luxury red fabric and French book jacket. This very thorough edition includes all its miniatures, 22 full page images with their many nuances, alongside a full explanation that will allow you to discover every little detail of this beauty.

The authors, subject matter experts: Jörg Völlnagel, Thomas Hofmeier, Peter Kidd and Joscelyn Godwin, introduce us to the secrets of its iconography, the background and the full history of the manuscript, as well as show us the meaning of each image and the full codex mysteries.

According to Berlin Staatliche Museum art historian & researcher, Mr. Jörg Völlnagel words, «The Splendor Solis is not at all a laboratory book […]. It rather spreads the alchemy philosophy, under which the alchemist lives and acts according to the natural rules. Therefore, he respects the divine creation but he contributes to its development and growth by following the alchemy principles. »

For more information or to purchase, visit: https://www.moleiro.com/en/art-books/splendor-solis-1.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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