Spirits Don’t Care About Your Feelings

Here’s an excerpt from Jason Miller’s weekly newsletter, renamed Thaumaturgy Tuesday  – coz he took off for Martin Luther King Day.

“When it comes to interacting with spirits and gods, it’s not all about you. It’s nice when you feel on point and can spend time in communion, but if you can’t, you should still do the offerings or the devotions anyway. Get out of your own head.

“Or better yet, do it anyway as way to get back into your own head. At 3pm yesterday I felt pretty run down*. Itw was 7 degrees outside. I did not feel like going for a walk, but I went anyway. After 20 minutes of traipsing down the hill my house is on, then back up through the snow guess what? I FELT LIKE IT.

“Doing something actually shifts your brain into the state that it does that thing in. It’s true for the gym, its true for writing, and it true for magic.

“And if it doesn’t? You did it anyway. You stayed in the game. You kept your commitments. You continued to be a stand-up person. The people, spirits, and powers you interact with will respond accordingly.

“Execution is king. ”

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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