SpiritCon Being Held in Utah March 31-April 1

The Davis Convention Center in Layton, UT will play host to Spiritcon this coming MARCH 31ST AND APRIL 1ST a two day event aimed at the Pagan Community.

Their posted agenda include such events as:

Opening Ritual and Tiptoeing Through the Tulips

We are an immensely diverse group. It is important to know the rights and responsibilities of being part of this community without giving or taking offense. Also, we will be discussing the ABCDE, Advanced Bonewits’ Cult Danger Evaluation Frame.

What is Witch-Crafting

The origins of the word witch hale from Old English as early 800 CE, meaning “wise one”. It’s root wicae, also is the root for wicker, and means that which holds or contains. “None of the proposed etymologies is free from phonetic or semantic difficulties.” (https://www.etymonline.com/word/witch) It is a difficult word and concept because it indicates power. We will examine what it means to be a witch and what it means to do witchcraft

Kids Con! Sprites

The youngest age group, 3 to 7 year olds, will have a fantastic time with a Moon Dot to Dot, getting to decorate their own Wand, an Herb color sheet, a fun crystal dig and they get to take their crystal home, impersonating different animals to explore animal spirits, and learning to Ground in a beginner meditation. A parent is required to stay during this class. It is for parents to choose what class range their child is ready for. Brewer Sarah

A View from the World Tree

“Myth is Eternal, but it never stops changing.” So why “The World Tree?” You may be wondering what this class is about. Simply, it’s Norse culture, religion, and tradition. We’ll delve into the greater brutally beautiful picture of what many find as romantic, otherworldly (courtesy of the folks at the History Channel with their program called “Vikings,”) and fantastical. The picture of the Vikings’ mythology and religion that has come down to us is quite a vibrant and nuanced one indeed. The sources for that picture are many and varied, and they’ve supplied us with reams of information concerning what the Vikings believed about their world and the otherworld, and the dozens of sacred stories that they told us and one another. Come with an open heart and mind and give yourself permission experience a view from the World Tree. Luraas (2)

Intro to Crystal Identification

In this class you will learn to properly identify several key Crystals. You will learn their healing properties, as well as their many uses. This hands-on class will be a great time for everyone! Gorman (1) Hope

Tall Dark Stranger

Divination and Casting Bones Divination is the act of participating in the divine. We are primarily physical creatures who sometimes need help because we can’t see the magic for the mundane. How do we partake in the divine? Also, “throwing bones” is one of the earliest known forms of divination. Bring any little ephemera that means something to you and we will make a bones kit! Slater (1) Kara

Empathetic Defense Master Womble is a special combination of wisdom, education and experience who’s love of learning is only matched by his love for teaching. Ordained Holistic Life Minister he was raised in non-traditional methods of Metaphysics and alternative lifestyles his approach to teaching various disciplines is unique and at times entertaining. He is a seated member of the Board of Directors for The Golden Flame Institute. Teaches classes and conducts office hours by appointment at The Hidden Sage in Sunset, Utah. Works closely with local alternative lifestyle communities for decades to educate and increase awareness. Womble Ric

How to Support Your Witch

For those who aren’t quite sure what all this stuff is, but are willing to support their loved ones. The questions to ask, when to be worried and when not to be.

Kids Con! Leprechauns

The middle age group, 8 to 13 year olds, will go a little more in depth learning moon phases, learning about wands, cauldrons, mortar and pestles, and the chalice, learning about Kitchen Herbs like spices and honey, doing the crystal dig and getting to take home the crystal they find, going over Animal Spirits like mermaids, elephants, cat, dog, and more, and lastly, learning to Ground in a beginner meditation. It is for parents to choose what class range their child is ready for. – – A 03/31/18 2:00 PM


Beginning Devotional Practice

Devotional practice begins at the altar, but where does it end? After the practice is started, what comes next? Advancing a devotional practice past the first few years takes a lot of dedication. This session will take a close, candid look at the trials and triumphs associated with long term devotional practice. We will also consider strategies that can help pagan and polytheist devotional practitioners address the unexpected obstacles that can arise on this path. Maestas Silence

Energy Cycles:

WotY, Lunar, Places of Power, Mysteries It’s all Energy. We will explore the overlapping cycles the energy of the Universe manifests itself in. Slater

The Wheel of Astrology and Tarot (ROTA)

The Tarot is a very fascinating occult science. Did you know that the Tarot as it was used by the Golden Dawn, BOTA and other mystery schools was based on an Astrological Alchemy? It is well known that aspects of Kaballah are found in the cards, but there is also a purely Astrological science represented. This alchemy is represented in the wheel of Zodiac and the relationship of the small cards, to the trump cards, planets, signs and astrological year. Come learn how to use this understanding for meditation, scrying and a better understanding of the Tarot beyond divination. Paredes (2)

Dance! Chant! Magic!

This class will explore the way that music effects our everyday life, and can be a perfect way to enhance meditation and worship. We will incorporate dancing with chanting to take our magic to a whole new level. Brady Dena

Comparative Systems in Paganism

Pagan is the 14th Century Latin term applied to those who are from a rural area, meaning those who weren’t “in the know” or weren’t from the “big city”. In the past, this umbrella term is applied to non-big-3 (Abrahamic) European, Middle Eastern and Northern Africa traditions. It has taken on a more worldwide connotation. What does this mean to our community? – – B 03/31/18 4:00 PM

Kids Con! Goblins

The oldest age group, 14 to 17 year olds, will go a step further with their studies. They will do a short Moon Unit study, learn about the same tools as Leprechauns, but also about the athame, learn how to make an herbal tea and why, explore crystal formation in a volcano, discuss Animal Spirits, Guides, and Totems, and learn to Ground in a beginner meditation. It is for parents to choose what class range their child is ready for.


An Introduction In this class we’ll be learning about altar tools, altar set up, who and what are watchers, names of seasonal festivals, names of equinoxes and solstices. Ancestral, lare, lasa, and fae work in Italian Witchcraft. Names of Gods and Goddesses. Amulets, curses, and why there is no 3-fold law in Stregheria. Whitten (1)

Building and Using Crystal

Grids Generators and the different types of stones and crystals that work well together for prosperity and protection just to name 2 types of grids that will be featured. Learn how to use them with some science behind different grids. We will learn how to do a few layouts, how to activate and put your intentions into the grids to activate the Universal energy to help in your set goals. We will go over the different methods of cleaning or clearing the crystals also. Womble Kalyn

Sigils for Magic

Sigils are symbols made by you for whatever purpose you can imagine. They are a wonderfully simple, yet powerful, form of magic. Sigils can be used for general purposes such as love or protection to as in depth and specific as to aid you in attaining an exact job in a specified time frame. In this class, we will explore methods for creating and empowering our own sigils. Lucero Jessi

Photonic Method

Energy Medicine Come learn about the Photonic Method and Energy Medicine. We will be talking about the body’s bio-field, how to experience it, and how to heal with its awareness. We will be covering acupoint therapy and what you can do to stimulate your energy meridians for better health and wellness. We will also have some fun workshop style interaction to help those that can see the human aura. Paredes (1) Beto

Community for Solitaries – Hermits Unite

The vast majority of this community (there are far too many titles) are solitary in our practices. Why? What can we do to assist each other in our spiritual progress?

Pagans In Recovery

This is a 12 step meeting in the tradition of Narcotics Anonymous for people who are struggling with addiction and identify with non traditional spiritual beliefs. We will be discussing our higher powers that help keep us sober, whether it’s Freya, Vishnu, Norse Gods, the Universe, or any understanding of spirit you identify with. The focus will be on our recovery and addiction, what it was like when we were using, and how we got sober. Macbain Rhiannon

Hellenic Polytheism

Join Livia for exploring polytheistic practices from traditions coming from the ancient Mediterranean. There is much to be discussed about the Hellenic traditions, which of course includes Greek and Roman pantheons and mythology. Farringmore Livia

The Art of Scrying

Whether you use crystal, glass, bowls, mirrors, or flame, scrying is a powerful divination tool. It is incredibly versatile, yet very seldom discussed, or even taught. With a firm grasp of even the most basic tenants of scrying, one can unlock the divinatory powers of almost any object, in any place, at any time. You are invited to this class is on the Arte of Scrying with TaMara, a Hedgewitch and owner of Crone’s Hollow. No matter which oracle you choose to scry, this class will help you develop your own language of interpreting symbols and signs. Gold TaMara

Core Astrology 101

Come learn about the core of Astrology. We will be talking about the foundation of Astrology, how to use it in your daily life and how to heal psychological traumas. We will be covering the twelve zodiac signs, the housing system and how the planets interact with each other. We will also have a chance to go over a few birth charts for a mini reading. Amos Nicole

Chakra Wisdom For Today’s World

In this class Nick will be guiding you on a journey through the Chakras. Through attending you will gain new information about the Chakras and how they relate to one’s level of peace and success in life. The information in this class will be relatable and applicable to everyday life. This class will be both introspective and interactive. Crystal singing bowls will be utilized to create an atmosphere of wellness and learning. A guided meditation for complete Chakra balancing will take place as well. Come give yourself the gift of Chakra wisdom and wholeness. Mann Nick

Ghost Stories Around the Fire G

ather around and share a treat and a story. Bring the makings for s’mores and let’s get to know each other. And, who knows, maybe share a ghost story or two!

Meditation – Compare and Practice:

A Community Meditation Meditation is one of the practices shared widley amongst our practices. Join us in discussion and practice. We will have a meditation on community after the discussion, so bring your pillow!

Safety (warding, don’t set your robe on fire)

The website What’s The Harm indicates 2 possible harms in believing in witchcraft. One, the lack of critical thinking by those believing that witches mean harm, and by witches not applying it to their belief structure. Two, participants starting their flowy clothing on fire from the abundant candles. We will discuss mental, spiritual and physical safety.

Numinous Healing

Vanisha’Bella will be revealing (a 2 part), Numinous Guide And Healing, along with the transformational series, Uni’Verse’All Uni’Fyi Uni’Fied Uni’Verse Uni’Verse’City In a key note speach. You will learn the true meaning of Uni’Verse, the importance of “Uni” Time and how this will lead you into the depths of understanding the (Your) “Verse”. “Your purpose” the story of your life. Vanisha’Bella unveils the exciting truth about our Soular Galaxy, “the internal” manifest, manifesting, to manifested is from within, “Our own Inner Galactic Soul’ar (Soul’Air) System is within our soular plexus, where our soul lives and the Uni’Verse begins. Vanisha’Bella offers the complete embodiment of the Uni’Verse experience through receiving Numinous Healing. As those of you who were present for the Uni’Verse’All Guide Presentation, you are now ready to recieve the Uni’Fied transformation of Numinous Healing. Vanisha’Bella © 2017All Right Reserved Bell Vanisha

HooDoo, American Root Magic

In this class we’ll look at what is Hoodoo aka Root magic? Where did it come from? Is there a specific spiritual or religious belief system within root magic? Is Hoodoo evil? We’ll explore spells, root work techniques, baths, washes, candle workings, sweet spells, love spells, mojo bags and the use of poppets and materials used. We’ll make cascarilla protection powder together. Hint: save your egg shells. Whitten (2) –

Mythical Creatures

In this class you will learn about different Mythical Creatures from many different paths. We will delve in to the world of the Fae. You will learn in depth about the ways that the Fae can help (or hinder) your lives, as well as the lore of many creatures that we don’t see or feel around us anymore. This class will be a blast for anyone that wants to keep the magic of the Mythical alive! Gorman (3)

Intro to I Ching I Ching Salon –

Join us for an exploration of the I Ching – The Book of Changes. The I Ching is a Chinese method of divination that has been in use for thousands of years. It draws from Taoist and Confucian influences. We will examine how to formulate in inquiry for an I Ching reading as well as how to perform divination with both coins and sticks. Slater Stanley

Tantra as a Holistic Healing Modality

Join us to discover the importance of integrating sexuality into healing trauma and transforming consciousness. Gain clear understanding of the original goal of Tantra and how we can tap into our highest potential by working with the 5 elements. Discover the power of Tantric practices as a holistic healing modality and how it can be used to purify sickness before it manifests physically. Interactive instruction will allow you to personally experience the effectiveness of Tantra as energy medicine. Garner Courtney

Spell Writing and Ritual Construction

What is a spell, how do we write one and how do we use it in ritual?

Reiki Share

The Reiki Share, or Reiki Circle, is open to all Reiki practitioners to come and join. Reiki is meant to be shared. Even if you are not a Reiki practitioner, come join, feel, and enjoy with us. The Share will be led by Raquel Druce and broken into twenty minute healing sessions. Druce Raquel

Introduction to Qabala

Qabala is a system of mysticism with its roots in Judaism. It’s been described as a symbolic representation of the connection between humans and the divine – or more simply, as a file cabinet for the universe. While not a religion in and of itself, the symbols and archetypes found in Qabala are common to many religions around the world. Part One begins to look at the Tree of Life (Otz Chaim), the primary glyph of the Qaballistic system. We will discuss the meanings of the ten spheres (Sephiroth) on the Tree, and also touch on how Qabala relates to present-day scientific creation theory. [A short break will follow.] In Part Two, we will discuss some of the paths between the spheres on the Tree of Life, and how they represent different stages of human spiritual evolution. We will also look briefly at how the Tree functions within the Four Worlds of Manifestation. Karen DePolito will have both of her books – Thirteen Tools Toward Enlightenment and Liber Ursi – available for sale: $20.00 each or both for $35.00. (Sorry, credit or debit cards cannot be accepted.) DePolito Karen


In this class we will discuss Animals as they relate to being Totems, Familiars, Guides, Pets, and more. Come explore the differences, similarities, and how to find yours. Zion Peter

Futhark for Beginners

In this class we will focus on the Elder Futhark Runes. You learn the history of Runes, the identification and meaning of Runes, and a simple way of casting the Runes. This hands-on class is great for beginners and experienced people alike! Gorman (2)

Sea Change, See Change ea Change is an exploration of our personal relations, rites, and mundane practices in the area of deep ecology, in relation to what is being called “the death of the seas”. The class will end with a group created ceremony for healing the waters. It will begin with a short synopsis of the hazards that plastics pollution to humans and animals. We’ll change streams for about fifteen minutes at this point and talk to guests from Salt Lake Zero Waste if they are available, about practical, do-able everyday life changes we can most of us make, to help heal our world. After this we’ll get a brief overview of plastics pollution and watch thirty minutes of video from science and animal welfare groups who work to bring us precise knowledge about the threat our everyday culture pose to the water beings, corporeal and non-corporeal, whom we love. We’ll conclude by sharing our thoughts and creating an intangible “prayer poem” that will be “written upon water”, to make as an offering to the beings of the sea. Since some of the video we’ll watch is harrowing, this class could be traumatic for young children. Brown Danielle


suggestions, comments, constructive criticism – Hope, Michael Give us your feedback! Be gentle, it’s our first time! Gorman (2)

Care and Feeding of the Magical Beast Within

Okay, so! We’re otherworldly, have all of these crazy quirks, nuances, abilities, and gifts. We live in a world where we are generally misunderstood, labeled, ostracized, and historically burned at the stake, hung, drawn and quartered, and waterboarded for our beliefs, values, and practices. Insert ‘empath…witch…warlock…(whatever label you agree with and works for you)…here. We are bombarded by everything around us and it wears on us. Our very natures demand that we care for ourselves…for the magic within…for the mystical magical creatures that live within us. So how do we do this when we constantly give to, heal, work with and for … others? Come take a ride with our presenter and hopefully take away tools you can use to exercise your own power of self, and give yourself permission to love and care for the magical beast that is you. Luraas (1) Stace

Herbology Identification, Safety and Preparations

Herbs are an amazing, wonderful resource that is often overlooked in today’s society. Come learn about uses, safety, methods, and more. Tonics, tinctures, balms, and oils are but a few things you can do with your herbs. Edwards Mike

Witchy Therapy

Learn how to use spiritual tools to heal from trauma. Traumas are those events that have negatively impacted our lives and created a change in us, sometimes we even feel like we have lost ourselves. Learn how tarot, candle magick, honoring the seasons, connection with your ancestors and guides, as well as other tools can create a space for healing from life’s wounds. Riney April

Chi Gung.

An Intro To Chi Gung is a Chinese method of developing, controlling, and sharing the life force energy that flows through all of us, and all living things. Being in touch with this energy enhances your spiritual life, your health, and helps balance your body, mind, and spirit. Using simple movements and meditations, Chi Gung will bring balance and will improve your everyday life. Lucero Doug

Closing Ritual Send us off with intentions to meet again next year.

Register here: http://www.spiritconutah.com/#/.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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