Sorcery-Themed Bar Opens in London

The Cauldron is a pop-up bar in London’s Dalston neighborhood catering to Harry Potter geeks and self-identifying sorcerers/esses; it’s open now through June 2018. You enter via a secret door behind a cabinet, are presented with robe and wand and led to your own “workstation.”  Thereat you’re instructed/guided on the craft of creating your own appropriately mystically themed cocktail using specially chosen and created ingredients.

Don’t front – you’re DYING to go, no matter how seriously you take your thaumaturgy.

The bar’s site says:

“We use science & technology to bring the magic from fantasy literature to life. Because science! Brew boozy potions in London’s geekiest cocktail master class. Don a wizard robe, wield a working magic wand, collect fresh & bottled ingredients from the brick-vaulted storeroom, & follow instructions to conjure cocktails that bubble, smoke, & change colour. Tickets include a pint of our fantasy-inspired craft beer, two molecular cocktails, & the interactive experience.”

They do NOT do walk-in business so you’ll want to book your visit: There’s kicky video of the experience posted at the site as well.

And here’s a more detailed account of the shennanigans you’ll encounter:

“It’s all taking place in a subterranean hideout in Dalston, suitably furnished with floating candles and moving photographs of you and your companions on the walls – which will be less spooky once you remember you sent them in before the experience. They’ll then get you robed up, hand you your wand, and lead you to your personal cocktail workstation.

“You’ll first whet your whistle with a special Fourpure collaboration beer – made with ingredients plucked from traditional folk witchcraft and mysteriously poured with a tap of your wand – before you scale up to the mixed drinks, for which you’ll have to raid the potions cupboard. Armed with your tinctures and extracts, you’ll go on to create two otherworldy creations which may variously smoke, change colour, or just catch completely on fire.”


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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