Songs of the Great Beast 

Just stumbled across references to the Finnish group The Aeon and their debut album Songs of the Great Beast. There’s NOT much about these folks online except this review at

“When the Finnish musicians from The Aeon, a  group formed in 2015, decided to record for their first album ”  Songs of the Great Beast  “, songs with folk rock influences composed by Tuukka Tyvelä,  associated with the texts of the English writer  Aleister Crowley  (1875-1947), a follower of the arts and occult sciences, could give very good surprises! And indeed this record is a real cornucopia filled with seven rich pieces is varied, the perfect osmosis between a modern and progressive folk and a complex and psychedelic acid-folk.

“Far from complimenting it in a retro, baba cool atmosphere, this succession of acoustic ballads interweaves traditional instruments and a modern and haunting interpretation by her singer Anna-Kaisa Kettunen  , the perfect cross between  Anneke van Giersbergen (The Gathering)   and  Sally Oldfield . Because the music of The Aeon  touches you directly to the heart, without grandiloquence, in all simplicity but with a subtle and light approach of the melody, supported by sophisticated arrangements.

“Rock-progressive fans with drawer compositions and fans of neo-progressive aggressive will have to go their way,  The Aeon  works in a completely different field, he enchants his listeners by surrounding them with moist and wadded atmospheres. ”  Songs of the Great Beast  ” offers a journey through misty lands dotted here and there with thunderstorms. Far from nostalgia and commercialism, Finnish musicians have understood that their music should have a good synthesis between modern technology and traditional inspiration to seduce the listener, and this is obviously the case.”

Here’s a video for “The Bornless One”

You can stream here:

You can purchase it here:


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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