Socrates’ Parable Of the Cave – the Experience of Discovering Reality

Our Most Holy and Most Beloved Father in the Lord, Hymenaeus Beta recommends this 1973 presentation of Socrates’ parable of The Cave, as recorded by Plato and appearing in his Republic as explaining “the raison d’être of both the OTO and A.’.A.’..” It’s read by no less an eminence as the late Orson Welles and features, coy animation, appropriate to the time period. The parable describes a group of men who’s ability to experience their environment is forcibly limited so that they’re only able to see and hear the shadows thrown by objects and echoes of the actual sounds. Then, one of them is freed and able to see the source of the projected shadows. The impact on his conscious is earth shattering and transformative. Have a look!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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