Skyclad Dinner Parties

This is another suggestion for a posting by Soror Amy  – about skyclad dinner parties with entry fee. I guess this trends more Gardnerian Wicca that ceremonial magick – but what the hey. Could make an interesting sorta Rose Croix Chapter event, no? The story starts out:

‘While two dozen women took big, synchronized breaths, stretched their arms up and wobbled, one of the sheets covering the street-facing windows occasionally fell. Several of the women scurried over to tape it back up.

‘This was necessary, after all, since everyone inside, at a dinner earlier this month on the Lower East Side, was naked.

‘The Füde Dinner Experience is hosted by the artist and model Charlie Ann Max. For $88, and after Ms. Max has approved the applications, guests come together to enjoy, according to the website: “a liberating space that celebrates our most pure selves, through plant-based cooking, art, nudity, & self-love.”

‘Put another way: It’s a naked vegan dinner party with a bunch of strangers.’

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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