Simple Magick for Better Living: Money Magick as a Start


TL;DR: Perform the Ritual in this PDF to obtain Wealth, and Health, and the Favor of Those who can Bestow Such Things:

Thelemic Jupiter Rite for Wealth and Favor and Blessings

Over the years, I’ve worked with a number of people on identifying ways to use Magick to effect change in their daily lives. While the primary goal of Magick may be the Great Work that reveals a person’s intrinsic deity through the transformation of the individual, there are many fundamental obstacles that must be overcome before we can even have the leisure to attempt self transformation. To even begin the Great Work, we need to have the basic assurance of food, shelter, and clothing. Otherwise we are left to deal with the ordeals that come from changing ourselves in ways that make the whole thing seem like a huge pain instead of the attainment it really is.

Or had better be, after all the work I’ve done on it.

I’d like to share some of the cool things I’ve learned about using magick to make my life better. These things may or may not work for everyone. Most magick designed to change the material world seems to operate in ways that create opportunities for the magician doing the magick. It doesn’t usually result in a lottery win (though I haven’t quit trying that, ever), but it usually gets you a chance to make a little extra if you’re willing to do the work. Like regardie’s Jupiter rite that resulted in him getting some insider trading information from a patient led to his retirement so he could pursue the alchemical experiments that may have eventually killed him, you are presented with opportunities to make your life easier, if you take advantage of them.Money magick is probably the most popular form of magick performed or requested. Money is, at first glance, the solution to a myriad of problems. Making more money using magick is perhaps the easiest thing to do. One of the first lessons we receive when we do money magick is that the lack of money is not, specifically, the source of all our problems, but how can we really appreciate that fact if we never have more money to demonstrate our issues come from other sources?

The ritual is based on the Trithemian system of conjuration attributed to Johann Trithemius in “The Arte of Drawing Spirits into Chrystals.” It was probably really written by Francis Barrett, and it uses a lot of the tools and techniques discussed in the spurious “Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy,” attributed to Agrippa, but most likely also written by Francis Barrett.

I made a modern version of this rite, and I’ve been an active proponent of that version for years. When I went full Thelemite, joined the A.’.A.’. and O.T.O.,  I had the opportunity to share this with other Thelemites, and Christopher Harden from Crux Ansata created a Thelemic version of the conjuration that works really well for our kind of magicians.

To perform the Rite, you will need a Table of Practice (provided in the PDF), a Lamen (provided in the PDF), and, depending on your preferences, some scotch, the equivalent of a nice suit, and a cigar. A wand, candle, and scrying device are also useful. The ritual itself is simple and direct. You perform it in a Jupiter hour of a Jupiter day (Thursdays). The hour the sun breaks the horizon is the first Jupiter hour of Thursdays. For help calculating the remaining three planetary hours, I’ve used Lunarium for years with excellent effect.

You basically conjure the Archangel of the planet, and then you use a simple Orphic Hymn as a statement of intent. Over the next two weeks, pay attention to opportunites to gain wealth. You’ll get job opportunities, and find means of increasing your income, you’ll get raises, or receive windfalls. Usually, you get chances to do some grunt work for some spare cash, but then that turns into something even more rewarding over time.

The ritual takes about 15-20 minutes, 30 if you spend time savoring the cigar, scotch, and the delicious presence of the Tzedeq entities that come calling. It doesn’t take a lot of experience to get this to work for you. The hardest part is recognizing the opportunities when they arise.

I know this sounds too good to be true, but it’s been one of the most life-changing little rituals I’ve ever done. Repeating it once a month has resulted in amazing changes to people’s financial status.

Again, this doesn’t fix all your problems. Most people find that it’s not the lack of money that screws them over, but what they do with the money they have. This just makes it easier to refill the accounts while you’re working on getting better at managing your resources.

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