Simple Magick for Better Living: Mars Healing Magick

marsWhen I started this series of posts, I wanted to cover the basic needs that people face universally. We all need money and favor to get by in society. We almost all want to love and to be loved, in healthy relationships that are mutually beneficial. We all face obstacles, and we all feel attacked from time to time.

The only other constant I can think of that we all have to deal with at some point is illness. I am … hesitant, to say the least, to talk about using magick as a means to heal. I knew too many fundamentalist Christian Charismatics who went to their pastor long before they should have gone to their doctors. This “belief in invisible powers to heal you” can be dangerous to people who just don’t like doctors, for whatever reasons. Faith healing works about 40% of the time, the same as most placebos. In my opinion, that means the illnesses cured by faith, prayer, or magick were probably psychosomatic illnesses in the first place.

That said, when my ex-wife was pregnant with my daughter, she started to miscarry. We went to the hospital, the doctors couldn’t do anything to stop it, and I (being a fundamentalist Charismatic Christian at the time), called my pastor. He was a “name it and claim it” prosperity doctrinist, about 80 years old, and on fire with the Holy Spirit. He pulled a verse out of Exodus about “your women will not miscarry” and prayed with me as I sat at a pay phone in the hospital, all out of options. My ex didn’t even know I was talking to him, so it wasn’t in her head that this should work. But it did. The symptoms disappeared, the doctors couldn’t explain why they had started or why they disappeared, my daughter was carried to term, and she’s with me today.

Which proves nothing, other than sometimes the faith healing thing seems to work. And that’s what Healing magick ultimately is, in my opinion.

Healing magick has been around since as long as we have records to record it. It’s a tradition long established to appeal to the invisible, when all else fails. I can’t stress enough that if you are going to use magick to heal illness or disease, you really need to do it in addition to seeing the doctors. They’re invisible spirits too, they just have bodies they walk around in, and they’ve studied illness, disease, and its treatment for a huge chunk of their lives.

And I do use healing magick, mostly for friends facing surgery, or awful diseases. These days, though, things are different. These days, I’m like the worst Christian ever; I am on familiar terms with both demons and angels, I do magick, and I firmly believe that Deus est Homo. I don’t use the Bible much, except in versicles around pentacles, and then it’s because it’s a formula that has worked for me.

So instead of faith healing with a pastor, I turn to a Mars Pentacle of healing from the Greater Key of Solomon. If you look at this link, it’s figure 26. I made mine in red ink during the Hour of Mars on a Tuesday. On the back, also in red ink, I put the pentacle shown in figure 25.

When I need to use it, I place it directly on the part of the body that is under attack, if possible, or on a picture or effigy of the person I’m trying to send good juju to. Mars magick isn’t about healing, usually, it’s about war. The spirits of this talisman go to war against the spirits of illness, and attack the heck out of them. At least, that’s my understanding. Your mileage may vary.

You can make this talisman out of silver as well. The metal of Mars is iron, and I have a pentacle or two of Mars I’ve made out of spring steel that seem to be pretty effective. The image in this post is one of those, in fact. But metal is chilly, and the edges are sharp and pointy. Paper warms up quickly and melds to the curves of the flesh, so I prefer the paper version for this pentacle.

Prior to using it, I invoke the spirits of figure 25, Madimiel, Gheuriel, Isiel, and Barchesiel, the same guys we worked with to make the defensive pentacle. I simply say, “Madimiel, Gheuriel, Isiel, and Barchesiel, empower this talisman to destroy all disease in the body of [person’s name], that they may strengthen and heal from its ravages of their flesh.” Then apply it to the afflicted part, or to their image.

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