Simple Magick for Better Living: Loooooooooove Magick

Continuing on in the vein of the previous post in the series, Money as a Start, I thought we’d move on to the next basic need that distracts people from the Great Work: Looooooove.

TL/DR: Scroll down and do the Magick.venus_kos_pent

When I was charging money for magick, in my pre-A.’.A.’. days before I started taking the Rosicrucian thing more seriously, the number one request I received was aid in gaining wealth, which is why I started this series with money. However, a very close second place was held by the request for aid in matters of the heart.

Love Magick has gotten a bad rap among many people within the occult community and without. had an article about love magick titled “The Lonely Dudes using Magick to get Laid,” which you can tell doesn’t seem to make it sound appealing.

Fortunately for Vice, the author seems to be a lot more familiar with occult practices than many, and he included an interview with Frater MC, the author of Crossed Keys (a translation of the Black Dragon and The Enchiridion of Pope Leo III), and Abrasax, a book of magick based on the practices of the Greek Magical Papyri. As Frater MC points out in the article:

“Seduction is, of course, one of the main reasons people come to Magic, and from the days of the PGM [Greco-Roman Egypt magic] to modernity there have been more techniques developed for that purpose than any other…

And for the record, in my experience there were as many women who came to me for help in love as men. Everyone feels sad and lonely sometimes, and they want to feel better through love and romance and sex. This can be healthy, in good relationships, or it can be an escape.

Fortunately for wise magicians like us, we would never end up in bad relationships or use love and sex as an escape. We would always and only fall in love with healthy partners whose interactions served only to further our combined individual Great Works.

Of course.

Though it has been painted as a creepy approach to getting laid, and people are very quick to distance themselves from such base uses of magick, I have found that using occult practices to  achieve whatever type of romantic or sexual relationship(s) you’re seeking can be a beautiful thing.

There are two kinds of love magick in the world, coercive rites aimed at specific people, and magick that works on the magician themself and their environment to create the opportunities they need to build the lives they desire. I’ll be focusing on the latter approach, it’s a much less volatile subject. Specifically we’ll be focusing on planetary magick of the sphere of Venus.

When you can love yourself, other people find it easier to love you too. When you can be compassionate with yourself, you can be compassionate with others in healthy ways. The first step in love magick should be the purification of the parts of ourselves that are toxic, wounded, or just unexplored.

Working with the spirits of the sphere of Venus is particularly easy in this regard. They want us to be in harmony with their sphere so they can commune with us more easily. They will start healing you as soon as you start working with them. It can take a while, and I doubt it ever really ends, but soon you’ll find yourself changing into the kind of person who can handle the relationships that are coming your way.

The second step is creating the opportunities to meet the person or people you desire. In my experience, magicians are more successful when they ask the spirits to bring the person to them who will fill their needs and desires, without specifying any one person. This is a pretty obvious thing to ask for, but it is only a part of the equation.

When you want to manifest a relationship, it helps a lot to ask the spirits to provide you with an opportunity to find them. Ask them to create in your own sphere of influence and experience the ideal opportunity to meet the person you’re looking for.

And ask them to make it so obvious “that even I can’t miss it.”

Ok, so those are the two main steps to finding a healthy relationship with magick. I’ve found it works well, and consistently for many people.

Now for the fun part: Magick!

The Simple Magick:

In the previous post, I recommended the use of a Trithemian-based Jupiter conjuration. For this post, I’m recommending making a Solomonic Pentacle of Venus. I’ll be referencing Joseph Peterson’s Esoteric Archives web site, specifically Mathers’ translation of the Key of Solomon, Figures 39 and 40.

On a Friday, in the Hour of Venus, engrave the taisman in copper if you can, or write it in green paint or ink on parchment. Start with Figure 39, with the four spirits of Venus on it. On the other side, draw Figure 40.

Before beginning the ritual, take some time to write out an oration. It should address both steps above. Something like, “Make me the person capable of sustaining the relationship that I desire, and provide me the opportunities to meet that person within my life, and make it so obvious even I won’t miss it” works well enough. But I’m a fairly practical person, and like to get to the point. Gild it as you see fit, but keep those two main points in there.

In a Venus hour on a Friday, and it can be the same one in which you created the talisman, set up your ritual space. You’ll need something like a mantle or small table or altar where you can put the talisman, a tea light candle, a stick of incense, and a glass of wine. Call on the four spirits of the talisman in Figure: 39:

“Nogaliel, Achelia, Socodia, and Nangariel, I call upon you to send those spirits you control that I may obtain grace and honor, and all things which belong unto Venus, and for accomplishing all my desires herein:

[Insert your Oration]

“Receive these gifts of fire [light the candle], and may the aroma of this incense bring you pleasure [light the incense]. Receive this libation, which I drink in your names [drink most of the wine, leaving some for the spirits].

“I thank you for your presence, as you came in peace, go forth now to manifest my desires in power.”

Let the candle burn as long as it’s safe, and let the wine disappear before changing it, unless there’s some left the next time you do this.

That’s it. You’re done. I don’t call this stuff simple magick because it’s hard. This is an easy way to get invisible friends to work for you to improve your life and bring you fulfillment and joy, who like to work with you.

Going forward, each Friday you can repeat the rite for added benefits. Watch for the changes in your heart, and in the situations you find yourself in throughout the average day (or unaverage if the spirits think that’s what it will take). Watch for opportunities, look for someone you find yourself resonating with.

And when you find them, act on it. The spirits set the situations up, but it’s you who has to do the thing. The thing that works. Fortunately, they’re also preparing you to be able to do so with all the grace and honor you’ll need, so feel confident when you do.

And then when you’ve got healthy love and plenty of money, what more could possibly keep you from focusing on the Great Work?

Rufus Opus

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