Sexual Vocabulary for the Educated Magician

An open book with letters coming out of it

Being a sex magician implies that one knows a little about sex. It’s not just knowledge that accomplishes our work, though. Communication is also key. Do you know the words to describe who you are and what you want? Cosmopolitan asks:

So what does it mean to be genderfluid or non-binary, and what about intersex? How does gender differentiate from orientation, and, speaking of orientation, how is bisexuality different than pansexuality? It’s important to learn the language in order to join the discussion—the LGBTQ community has a long and sordid history of people using language against them. Whether you’re queer yourself or just want to be a better ally, it’s crucial to get your terminology straight (but you don’t have to be straight).

While you may already be familiar with these terms, this article can be a great tool for clarity.

20 Sexuality-Related Terms You Need to Know


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