Sex With Discarnate Beings

“Sexual Outlaw, Erotic Mystic” (as she’s described in the title of the collection of her work edited by Vere Chappell), Ida Craddock stated “It has been my high privilege to have some practical experience as the earthly wife of an angel from the unseen world.”  This revelation opens her book Heavenly Bridgegrooms, published in 1894 (much esteemed by Aleister Crowley) and eventually she goes on to describe the experience of conjugal love with her discarnate mate. Fast forward to the present and we find the husband of the late Lynda Bellingham telling Spirit and Destiny Magazine that he has tasted the same delight.

“He tells the mag: ‘As her body snuggled into mine, I breathed in the familiar scent of the woman I’d been lucky enough to spend 10 wonderful years with.

“‘Make love to me,’ Lynda whispered, her face nuzzling into mine. Kissing her, I gazed down into those beautiful brown eyes.

“‘I love you,’ she smiled, and I closed my eyes, luxuriating in the warmth of her low, husky voice.”

“’ Of course, Lynda was no longer here – she had passed away.’

“How could I have made love to my wife when she was no longer here? But I did, I was certain of it. I felt her, saw her and heard her.”

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The Full Monty press night - London

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