Sex Saves Traditional Trades

A blacksmith works at an anvil

“An ordinary blacksmith who was struggling to make a living making candleholders and garden gates has saved his business around by creating metal bondage gear,” reports the Mirror. “Colum Collins realised he could earn thousands making kinky BDSM furniture after a friend of a friend introduced him to the new line of work.”

While certainly BDSM isn’t for everyone — Collins himself says it’s not his thing — a little creativity is saving a number of more traditional businesses. In my own extended circle, leather and woodworkers have expanded their horizons to create sex/kink supplies in addition to their more conventional wares. Indeed, in addition to kink wares, one also crafts elegant wands for the practitioner of ceremonial magick. Diversifying products might prevent a number of older trades from dying out.

Man has the right to love as he will!

Blacksmith saves business by making bondage contraptions and kinky sex toys from metal (warning: images in the article might be considered inappropriate in the workplace).

Many thanks to Fr. Von Hohenheim for the tip!


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