A New Sex Podcast for People Over 50

Laura's first podcast infographic is an award winning American activist and writer living in Virginia. A podcaster and international speaker, Lyster-Mensh’s books, essays, blogs, poems, and public speaking bring her infamy in some circles, praise in others, and an international readership. Now she brings us Our Better Half, an “easily amused” podcast about sex in the second half of life.

In the Huffington Post, Lyster-Mensh tells us, “I’m curious about intimacy and sexuality in the second half of life because we don’t talk about it. We assume people do not feel sexual or that the solution to every problem is simply to look or act younger. I want to know about the advantages to being mature, to empty nests, to self-knowledge. I want to be inspired, to gain richness, and to laugh. A lot.”

Why I’m The Last Person Who Should Be Doing A Podcast About Sex: But I’m Doing It Anyway!

Our Better Half: a podcast about sex in the 2nd half of life.


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