Sex Magick, Drugs, & Rock ‘N’ Roll

I’ve been a Pleasant Gehman fan for years, digging her music journalism exploits out in L.A. But I never realized that she was involved in occultism till – she published  Rock ‘N’ Roll Witch: A Memoir of Sex Magick, Drugs, & Rock ‘N’ Roll earlier this year. Punk rock and sex magick?! Can’t think of a better combo aside from peanut butter and chocolate! The posted description says:

“ROCK ’N’ ROLL WITCH recounts Pleasant Gehman’s astonishing life, where music and the unexplained have been constants for decades. Her supernatural experiences unfold to a soundtrack of old school punk, 50’s rockabilly, vintage blues, classic rock and girl groups. Stranger than fiction, her true stories of spirit encounters, synchronicity and her own psychic abilities are populated with the friends who also experienced them, including The Go-Go’s, The Cramps, The Germs, The Gun Club, The Blasters and many more. Her writing is riveting, loaded with humor and extraordinary details that will make readers question their own reality.”

“Pleasant Gehman could write the phonebook and I’d read it. In Rock & Roll Witch, she ties together tales of cemetery adventures from childhood through her wild days as a Hollywood punk rocker in the 1970’s and beyond. Her language is thrilling and the stories remind me of great pulp fiction, except it’s all real!”
– John Doe from X, Austin, TX

A perfect Solstice stocking stuffer!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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