Sex Magicians Take Heed: Your Practice is Good for You

A romantic couple in bed together

A 2004 study by the National Bureau of Economic Research recently issued documentation of a study indicating that people who have sex more often are happier. The study took data on 16,000 Americans, revealing that both men and women equate sex with greater happiness. revealed that the trend of sex equaling happiness is true for both men and women.

The happiness of highly educated people seem to be more strongly affected by sex, but highly educated women tend to have fewer sexual partners. Contrary to popular memes, married people have more sex than single, divorced, widowed, or separated people. Also contrary to popular mythology, income has no statistically significant effect on the number of sexual partners and sexual frequency.

Money, Sex And Happiness: An Empirical Study by David G. Blanchflower and Andrew J. Oswald.


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