Sex Is Better If Everyone’s Pleasured

A woman in bed

“Helping women better understand sex is always important, but may be even more so after the findings of a new study were published recently in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. It appears that many men, sadly, have no clue how often their wives orgasm,” says Kimberly Lawson for Brides magazine. It seems that in heterosexual pairings, while men almost always reach climax, they aren’t sure whether women do or not. Further, it appears that women’s pleasure will improve sex for both partners.

Resarchers led by Nathan Leonhardt of Brigham Young University wanted to know how the orgasmic experience within a heterosexual couple influences individual and partner sexual and relationship satisfaction. Using a sample of 1,683 newlywed heterosexual couples, they learned that 87% of husbands and 49% of wives reported consistently experiencing orgasm, and 43% of husbands misperceived how often their wives experienced orgasm. They recommend that couples counselors should give particular attention to the wife’s orgasm experiences, to potentially help both husbands and wives have higher sexual satisfaction.

This study is limited by the fact that it focuses only on newlywed, monogamous, heterosexual couples; still, consideration for the pleasure of one’s partner can be applicable in any sexual context. This does, of course, include sex magick!

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