Sex Advice for the Holidays

Two wild turkeys
A couple embracing while one sits on the kitchen counter

We don’t actually recommend having sex on your parents’ kitchen counter, but you do you.

Even sex magicians have family! Sometimes one must visit one’s parents, but that needn’t stand in the way of one’s sex life. Depending on the family’s spiritual leanings, it might be necessary to skip some of the incense and intonation, but still, where there’s a will there’s a way. Bedsider brings us information specific to Thanksgiving, but let’s be honest — it would work for any weekend stay with slightly uptight relatives.

How to have sex while staying at your parents’ house for Thanksgiving: Defiling your childhood bedroom in 5 easy steps

Bedsider also offers advice about what to do when you run out of condoms, and remembering your pill in a different time zone.


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