Seven Films by Carl Abramsson Posted Online

Sweden’s Carl Abramsson wears many hats including filmmaker. Seven of his films are posted at Vimeo and available for paid streaming or downlod. If you don’t know Carl, here’s the brief biographical sketch posted at his website:

“I’m a Swedish freelance writer specialising in material about the arts & entertainment, esoteric history, occulture and portraits for the international market. I also lecture on all of the mentioned subjects at art schools, universities, events, symposia and conferences. I also work as a consultant in regard to text editing and printed matter for publishing companies, magazines and record labels. I also work with filmmaking, in publishing, photography and music. For a quick overview, here are some links:

EDDA PUBLISHING: A publishing company I run together with Swedish artist Fredrik Söderberg, focusing on art and the esoteric.

TRAPART: My own publishing Company with an Online Store, focusing on art books and editions.

TRAPART FILM: A production entity that produces documentary films and Movies.

HIGHBROW LOWLIFE: A digital music label I run together with Swedish musician Thomas Tibert. Basically an archive for all the music we’ve made together, but there will be new releases too.

“NOLL IMAGES: A company that sells some of my photos as stock images.

view his films here:

read more here:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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