Seminar Being Conducted by John Myrdhin Reynolds / Lama Vajranatha

June 11-12 — The Principal Magical Action Practice from the Vajrakilaya Cycle Seminar via Zoom (Saturday and Sunday, times  8AM – 10 AM EDST ONE HOUR EARLIER THAN BEFORE !!!, with breaks).
In the Nyingmapa tradition of Tibet, Vajrakilaya is the most popular wrathful meditation deity practice, having been the personal practice of Padmasambhava himself, the founder of this tradition. Within this, there is distinguished Töd-la, or the higher spiritual practices of sadhana where the practitioner accesses and augments within oneself spiritual energies. And there is Me-lay, or the lower ritual and magical practices in order to counter, subdue, and transform negative energies. This can be accomplished once one has accessed and accumulated within oneself by way of meditation practice sufficient spiritual energy and capacity, or siddhi. This seminar will introduce these practices according to the Düdjom Tersar.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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