Sefer Yesira: Book of Creativity

Hadean Press has announced that it’ll commence shipping copies of  Sefer Yesira: Book of Creativity Avi Solomon later this week. The publisher’s website sez:

“Sefer Yesira is one of the foundational texts of Jewish Kabbalah whose cryptic pronouncements encapsulate the twenty-two elemental Hebrew letters and ten enumerations whose combinations and permutations purport to constitute the bedrock of all worlds, experiences, and languages. Jewish Golem meditation magic developed directly from the alphabetic technique of Sefer Yesira, until finally the medieval Jewish mystic Abraham Abulafia further integrated these Sefer Yesira Golem magic traditions into a full-fledged system of concepts and meditative techniques. In Sefer Yesira: Book of Creativity Avi Solomon offers a brief overview of how the Sefer Yesira was transmitted into European thought, followed by a new translation of the Sefer Yesira itself.”

order yours!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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