See if you can crack the biggest mysteries in literature.


The Voynich Mansuscript and the Serahinanus Manuscript have something in common.  No one knows what they say.  They are an enigma.  For centuries people have tried to figure out and break their mysterious code but none have succeeded.   Well here’s your chance to see if you are smart enough to break their code.  You can now download these amazing texts for free in pdf.   Enjoy!!!


Ixel Balamke

Ixel Balamke was one of the two founding members of Sekhet-Bast-Ra in Oklahoma City. Currently living in the Twin Cities, she is currently the LBM of Leaping Laughter Lodge. She also is a Meanad and lover of fine wines. Her life long partner Hunahpu and she are well known for their Wine Tastings at NOTOCON. Together they have a small wine cellar that currently holds over 300 bottles.

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