Second Trans-States Conference Calling For Presentation Proposals

The organizers of the Trans-States conference have announced that the sophomore conference will be titled, “Trans- States: The art of revelation” and held at University of Northampton, in the U.K. September 13 & 14th,  2019 and are calling for proposals for presentations to be given thereat. Their site explains:

“As further guidance for proposal ideas, all proposals should relate to one or more of the following: contemporary esotericism, mysticism, spirituality, psychedelics, occulture AND—

“revelation or other highly ‘productive’ altered states of consciousness (gnosis, channeling, alienated agency, creative dissociation, etc.).
(oc)cultural production (with specific focus on revelation and altered states of consciousness).
cultural criticism; literary and critical theory.
political dissidence; political extremism; radicalism; revolution.
trauma; ordeal.
anti-structure; fragmentation.
We welcome proposals by academics, independent scholars, practitioners and artists.

“We aim to promote not only the blending of disciplines, but also non-normative approaches to the theme. As such, joint proposals, collaborations, practitioner-based activities, pre-formed panels and performances are very welcome, as well as individual submissions and papers. We also welcome short film screenings; exhibited works; visual art; sound art; installations; visually interactive talks and workshops.


“Abstracts or proposals should be a maximum of 300 words (images, links to video or other visual aids may also be included, especially for exhibition/performance related proposals).

“If you wish to present and exhibit/perform, please provide a separate (although by all means directly related) proposal for each, along with your biog. In the case of performances or other logistically complex activities, please include details in your proposal of any additional requirements you may have.

“Unless otherwise requested, standard presentation slots will be 20mins, with 10mins for questions. Performances can of course be longer, or shorter, depending on content/context. (We have had performances running for a couple of minutes, and long-form pieces running for hours. Simply provide a rationale for your proposed activity).

“You should also include a short biog of no more than 200 words, and a current digital photo/image that depicts you (or your work). Please send portrait images (i.e. portrait not landscape: tall on the longest side, rather than wide on the longest side).

“Finally, include any social network links, website/blog info and contact information that you are happy to be shared with the general public, should you be accepted, on the Trans- States website. (See below for a full list of external links we will support).

“The document should be sent in the following format:

(1) contributor(s)
(2) any affiliation, as you would like it to appear in programme
(3) email
(4) title of proposal
(5) body of abstract/proposal(s), (max 300 words, per proposal)
(6) biog (max 200 words)
(7) any social networks links and website/blog info.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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