Sean Lennon Discusses Magick With Billboard Magazine

Most of y’all are likely aware of the Claypool Lennon Delerium’s interest in iconic magician/rocket scientist Jack Parsons as they debuted the track stream of the song “Sex & Rockets” last year and recently released a video of the same song which addresses Parsons’ legend. But when Rolling Stone talked to Lennon back when the audio track was first premiered it seemed like he might have just had his curiousity piqued by the CBS All Access series of the same name. Earlier this month, in an interview with venerable music business trade magazine he discussed his beliefs on the subject a bit more in depth.  For instance:

“Arthur C. Clarke said, ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.’ If something is real, then it’s not magic by definition. Let’s say magic was real and I could shoot fireballs out of my hand. If that’s really happening, then it’s not magic. Then it’s some physical phenomenon that’s indistinguishable from magic.

“So, are there things that are indistinguishable from magic in our understanding of science and nature? Yes. Spooky action at a distance. Quantum entanglement. We don’t really understand those things.”

Read the whole interview here:

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