Screamers May Have it Right

A shouting person

When we express pleasure with moans and gasps of pleasure, we’re actually helping to make our sexual experience better, says LELO Sexpert and NYU professor of Human Sexuality Dr. Zhana Vrangalova in an interview with Refinery29. Dr. Vrangalova says that moaning during sex lets our partners know we’re enjoying ourselves — which makes everyone feel good, “both because we want them to be happy, and because we want to know WE are doing something right to make them happy.”

It’s true that not all sex noises are signs that things are going right — some people make noises when they are bored, to hurry things along — but studies have shown that “people of all genders who moan during sex are having better sex.” If you’re feeling good, let your partner(s) know. If it’s not working for you, let your partner(s) know!

The Sounds We Make During Sex Actually Make Sex Better

Thanks to Br. Bruce for the scoop!


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