Scarlet Woman Lodge Announces TOTOCON X

Scarlet Woman Lodge in the Valley of Austin is announcing the opening of registration for the 10th iteration of their regional conference, TOTOCON. The Lodge site says:

“All this I saw; and then the hidden voice went on low and sweet: Come away! The price of the journey is little, though its name be death. Thou shalt die to all that thou fearest and hopest and hatest and lovest and thinkest and art. Yea! thou shalt die, even as thou must die. For all that thou hast, thou hast not; all that thou art, thou art not!”

– The Vision and The Voice, 24th Aethyr

Scarlet Woman Lodge cordially invites you to join us the weekend of November 3 – 5, 2017 e.v. for TOTOCON X, our tenth annual regional OTO conference. This year our theme is “The Hidden Voice,” inspired by a passage from the 24 Aethyr of  The Vision and The Voice. We will explore the nature of Will, Intuition, the Holy Guardian Angel, and more through lecture, ritual, and experiential workshops. Join us for a weekend of fraternity, fellowship, and magick!

Please note: Discounted Early Registration is available through September 30th, with standard registration running from October 1st through the beginning of the event. We are also offering a discounted admission for OTO members who will also be attending Heart of Blood’s presentation of The Rite of Luna, to be held one weekend before TOTOCON X.

Register here:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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