Scarlet Imprint to Publish The Avalon Working

Venerable UK occult publisher Scarlet Imprint has opened pre-orders for Mark Nemglan’s Avalon Working. The posted description says:

Avalon Working is equal parts grimoire and devotional, gazeteer and visionary journey to the heart of Albion. Mark Nemglan restores the Holy Island’s reputation as a locus and fountainhead of extraordinary magickal power for a new generation of practitioners and seekers. He skilfully evokes the multiple threads of Celtic, Arthurian, Druidic and Faerie currents and braids these with alchemical, geomantic, witchcraft, Thelemic, Typhonian and Draconian traditions. In doing so he has created a comprehensive ritual framework, a workable system of operative magick and a language for interfacing with the presiding powers of place.

The book is a large 8vo (245 × 165 mm) of 304 pages printed in black and green, and includes a photographic essay of 44 black & white images, as well as maps and diagrams. Avalon Working will be issued in four editions – fine binding, standard hardback, paperback, and a digital version which will be available once the print editions ship. A full description, contents, and edition details can be found on our website.

The standard hardback and paperbacks should begin shipping in early May, with the hand-bound fine editions being completed in a further 10–12 weeks.

Here’s an explanatory essay from the author:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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