Scarlet Imprint Taking Pre-Orders For Frater Acher’s “Holy Daimon”

Scarlet Imprint has opened pre-orders for a new book by Frater Acher, Holy Daimon. by Frater Acher. The publisher’s newsletter says:

“The result of more than ten years of ritual and theoretical magical research, the book is comprised of three parts: History, Memory and Practice, providing a well-grounded introduction, as well as a practical path to creating communion with one’s holy daimon.

“Rather than drawing on Abramelin or Crowley’s Liber Samekh, Frater Acher returns to the source, analysing the daimon as it was experienced in three cultures, Chaldean, Zoroastrian and Ancient Greek. These give a necessary overview to contextualise the material that follows, and restores the daimon to its central place in the journey of attainment.

“Acher then gives a full account of his own personal communion with his holy daimon. As a magical record of a modern practitioner it is an important testimony for those embarking on the path, and a rare account given the secrecy within which most practitioners operate.

“In the third and final section of the work Acher gives his streamlined exercises for attaining communion with the daimon; culminating in a fully restored rite from the Greek Magical Papyri.

“Holy Daimon will be issued in three editions: a fine edition of 55 copies half bound in dark green goatskin with marbled boards (limited to one per customer); a standard hardback of 525 copies in grey cloth stamped in black and gold; and a Bibliothèque Rouge paperback.”

pre-order here:


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