Scarlet Imprint Shipping Book + Oracle Card “Divine Gypsy Mother” Set at the End of the Month

Scarlet Imprint has announced that they’ll be shipping pre-orders of the hardback book + oracle card deck Divine Gypsy Mother at the end of this month. The posted description says:

“Balthazar Blacke’s Divine Gypsy Mother is a reimagining of the nineteenth century fortune telling system popularly known as gypsy cards, which invoke the divining legacy of the Romani people. The book and cards showcase original artwork by renowned tarot artist Alexander Daniloff. These enchanting cards and book are sold as a set, and provide a highly practical and nuanced method of divination.

“The symbolism of the cards has been updated to clarify meanings, drawing on the examples of hand-painted decks from the 1800s and the plethora of mass market versions, whilst staying true to the spirit of the original Gypsy cards.

“Gypsy cards were originally sold without instructions, diviners relied on the titles of the cards and their images alone. Balthazar Blacke provides us with the key to understanding each individual card, their timing elements, astrological attribution and lessons. We are then provided with methods and spreads, from the quick and dirty, through Cross and Grand Cross variants to the full thirty-six card Grand Tableau.

“Blacke has researched the traditions, ideas and techniques of card readers in Germany and the Netherlands, combining them with his own unique innovations. The most striking of these is the Astrological Tableau, which gives the advanced diviner a method of incorporating the houses and thirty-six decans, making this a compelling deck for those with an astrological practice.”

Drawing on over ten years of client work, Blacke gives many clear examples and case studies that will transform your divinatory skills. Rather than the more esoteric decks, such as Crowley’s Book of Thoth, the Divine Gypsy Mother cards are ideally suited to providing answers, guidance and advice. The methods given pin-point issues and provide elegant accurate oracles.


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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