Scarlet Imprint Publishing Anthology of the Work of Alkistis Dimech with Peter Grey

UK based publisher Scarlet Imprint is now taking pre-orders for The Brazen Vessel, an anthology of work stemming from the creative and  magical partnership of Alkistis Dimech and Peter Grey from 2008 to 2018.  The publisher states:

The Brazen Vessel comprises selected texts, essays and presentations, including many previously unpublished works, essays which have fallen out of print and texts that were only published online. The anthology marks the first appearance in print of such pivotal texts as Rewilding Witchcraft, a translation of the critical goetic source Le livre des esperitz, and an extended and original treatment of the witches’ dance.

From the invocation of Babalon given at the Thelemic Symposium in Oxford in 2008 to the eschatology of Babalon given at Occulture Berlin in 2018, the 33 works gathered here give insight into the process, thought and praxis of the authors, both as individuals with distinct bodies of work, and as a dynamic magical union. The Brazen Vessel testifies to the prescient, provocative and influential nature of their work.

The Brazen Vessel is an extensive work of over 400 pages. Pre-order is for the limited standard hardback and fine editions. A Bibliothèque rouge paperback edition will follow in due course. The list of contents and a précis of the material included, as well as full details of the editions, can be found on the website.

Pre-order now!


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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