Scarlet Imprint Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

Scarlet Imprint celebrated 10 years of publishing on 7/7/17. To mark the occasion they launched a new website. You can browse the books, read excerpts and reviews of all titles, as well as free essays and video presentations. A bibliography can be perused, and new pictures of all of editions.  Their site states:

“On 7th July we celebrated a decade of publishing. Scarlet Imprint was founded in 2007 with the publication of The Red Goddess in a talismanic edition limited to 156 copies. The result of a promise and seven years of devotion to Babalon, the first manifestation of The Red Goddess was a work of passion and love; a heady, revolutionary force animated what was an entirely punk production. That passion still drives us, and the energy has been channelled into learning and mastering our chosen craft; and in using those skills in service of our contemporaries, our readers and the writers and artists we work with.

“In our first decade we have published 25 books, in 72 editions, and the work of more than 100 writers, artists and poets. We have collaborated with some of the most respected writers of the modern magical movement, from Jake Stratton-Kent and Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold to Gordon White and Peter Mark Adams. The publishing project of Scarlet Imprint has defined the contemporary occult, from the grimoire resurgence to the re-establishment of context and historical veracity to the radicalisation of witchcraft. In an era of ecological collapse and political uncertainty, our work engages unflinchingly with the world.

“With the collapse of the Order based model, a three-fold process of texts, talks and personal relationships, some of which began online, have made this possible. A new network and community of ideas has come into being. Thank you for being a part of that process, whether you are a reader, writer or long-lost friend.

“In addition to publishing we have hosted events – the infamous Summer of Love and A Pleasure Dome – and spoken at conferences and events in England, Europe and America. These include the Esoteric Book Conference, the Occult Conference, the Visible College, Thelemic Symposium, Trans-States, Harvest Moon, Witchfest, PFSW, PFSE, Here to go 2, and many others. We have participated in podcasts from Runesoup to the Occult of Personality and been interviewed online and in print. Much of this work is freely available on the website.

“We have celebrated book launches at all the specialist UK bookshops, whose support from the start has been tremendous; namely Treadwell’s, Atlantis, Watkins and Labyrinth. Some will still remember the rose martini carnage for the first The Red Goddess launch, and the champagne, absinthe and sundry other misdeeds that followed.

“We must also note the support and friendship of Weiser Antiquarian, Midian Books and the positive relationships we have with small presses in the UK and beyond. Beyond the public figures we have been sustained by the patronage of our loyal readers, many of whom have supported us from the beginning.

“Ten years is a crossroads, which has given us a chance to reflect and to look to the future. The new website has been designed as a resource for those interested in our work. In addition to our own essays and presentations, we have included excerpts from our titles on the book pages, as well as reviews. More material will be added in due course. A bibliography of all our published work, with a gallery showing out of print books, is in progress. Lastly, we have improved our storefront, providing an excerpt from each title. Although this can’t replace the tactile pleasure of browsing our books in a bookshop, we hope that this gives a sense of each work and of the voice of the author. We have updated our shipping options; we can now offer tracked and/or signed within the UK and to Europe and Worldwide, as well as the unsigned Royal Mail Firstclass and Airmail services. Shipping is calculated based on weight, and we have improved rates.

“Still to come in 2017 is the collection of our personal essays, The Brazen Vessel, and the production of the Sola-Busca tarrochi deck. The much anticipated Lucifer:Praxis is in process, now slated for 2018. We are currently working on three manuscripts, which we will announce in due course. There is work to be done!”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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