Scarlet Imprint Announces Publication of New Work on Trolldom

Scarlet Imprint just announced the upcoming release Fall 2019 release of Trollrun – a book on trolldom. I’m not going to touch that opening line with a 20 foot pole! ANYWAYS, here’s their announcement:

“Finally, we are delighted to announce a new title by Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold, which joins a host of other works in preparation. Trollrún will be published in Autumn 2019.

“Frisvold returns to his roots with a comprehensive new work on the Northern tradition of trolldom. Introduced by Johannes B. Gårdbäck and with a preface by Claude Lecouteux, Trollrún covers runes, seidr, mythology, the Norse gods and godesses, gandr (curses) and blót (sacrifice); but crucially, elements practically unknown to outsiders, such as trollblot, nature spirits, and star and herbal lore.

“The Scandinavian premodern worldview included the trolldom and folk magic traditions which were discarded by the Germanic sturm und drang movement and the nineteenth century revival, which focussed instead on the aesir. The Northern folk magic tradition shown by Frisvold in Trollrún is radically different; he takes the cunning perspective, revealing the elder faith and its sorcerous arts, including the use of Black Books, Faust Books and Cyprians. Thick with spells, sympathies, lore and wisdom, Trollrún is an important text which sings with the magic of the North.”

Not available for pre-order yet

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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