scans of 1909 Thelema

Recently “The Horse” took the time to scan his copies of the three volumes of the original 1909 e.v. edition of Thelema. These Libers, along with additional texts were published in 1983 by Samuel Weiser, Inc. as The Holy Books of Thelema with cover artwork by EGC Bishop Harry Smith.

Thelempedia states: “The Holy Books of Thelema are those works that Aleister Crowley penned, but that he claimed were written through him—not by him. They therefore are to be considered ‘inspired’ works. The chief of these books, Liber AL vel Legis, is the only one that involved a voice dictating the text to him. Of all the others, Crowley writes in Confessions:

‘The spirit came upon me and I wrote a number of books in a way which I hardly know how to describe. They were not taken from dictation like The Book of the Law nor were they my own composition. I cannot even call them automatic writing. I can only say that I was not wholly conscious at the time of what I was writing…I cannot doubt that these books are the work of an intelligence independent of my own.'”

You can view them here:

Volume I:
Volume II:

Volume III:



Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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