San Francisco Church Celebrates the Beyonce Mass

Vice has posted a “Broadly” episode regarding a San Francisco church that celebrates a “Beyonce Mass.” Well, hey, as incredible news outlets have long reported that Mrs. and Mr. Carter are both members of the Illuminati AND OTO this is something we should fully support, yes? No?

Vice’s squib says:

“Beyoncé is undeniably the most powerful force in pop culture. So it makes sense that someone decided to bring her music and philosophy into church, where it belongs. Broadly recently attended a jam-packed Beyoncé Mass held at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, which was organized by reverend and theologian Yolanda Norton, who teaches a class on Beyoncé and the Hebrew Bible where she uses the pop idol’s songs to interpret biblical scripture through a black feminist lens.”

Check it out yrself. Use yr own ingenium to decide whether a whole hearted “Hallelujah” or “Balasti Ompeda” is warranted. Hell, I thought Lemonade was excellent art music – right up there with Lee Dorsey’s Yes We Can written and realized by the great late Allen Toussaint.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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