Nu Aeon Shop Closing

“Every ending is a beginning, for the past we shed no tear…”

This Sunday March 8th, 2020 e.v. on International Women’s Day and the eve of the Full Super Moon I will be Semi-Retiring and closing Nu Aeon at 88 Wharf Street on beautiful picturesque Pickering Wharf where the Sea meets the Sky. Nu Aeon has been our home away from home for White Light Pentacles/Sacred Spirit Products and The Temple of Nine Wells-ATC since 1998 e.v. and it’s been a fabulous adventure serving the Salem Community and our visitors from everywhere all these 21 years!

Richard Ravish, aka Magister Azaradel, and I worked there together for 15 and a half years and then I, without him, for another seven and a half years since he became his body of light in 2012 e.v.

I want to thank all the good folk who worked with us, those who visited us, and also those talented presenters in The Cosmic Connection Temple of Stars for our Nu Aeon School of the Mysteries. I am grateful for all the intuitive and insightful Diviners who offered readings to our friends and guests these many years. Thank you also to the City of Salem, Destination Salem, Best Maps, the Rocketts of Pickering Wharf, and all the local and international customers who supported, with their purchases, our efforts to offer tools for alternative Spirituality with “Excellence and Authenticity in Witchcraft and Magickal Supplies”.

We hope to reestablish the Cosmic Connection in a new venue in the future for the benefit of many, many people… collaborators welcome!

I will continue my work through mail order, occasional merchanting events, teaching, writing, and consultation by appointment. I can be reached at and 800-Mastery (800-627-8379) and through my websites (that will soon be updated) and

Blessed Be With Love From Salem,
Gypsy Ravish Priestess and Witch

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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