Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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  1. Patrick Grant is a serious musician who is often mistaken for the opposite. Tonight he will most likely prove his detractors correct. His music is informed by his experience and work with contemporary-classical and popular music (John Cage, Philip Glass, Quincy Jones, Kid Creole), the communal music of the Balinese Gamelan, and recently with his incipient work in the Guitar Circles of Robert Fripp. He has written scores for theatrical visionaries Robert Wilson (of Einstein on the Beach), The Living Theatre, and companies in Brazil and Europe. He is a recent recipient of Con Edisons Exploring the Metropolis Composer Residency for the creation of a new work for large guitar ensemble, Circle-Lines. rahrahree! As rahrahree!, Tamara Yadao and Kurt Gottschalk create mid-air palindromes with guitars and speaking voices. Theirs is a geometry of oratory where words and meaning are of slippery significances only as important as the listener wants them to be.  Yadao and Gottschalk also co-curate the ongoing txt fst performance series which has presented performance of text-based works at Proteus Gowanus, Flushnik and on X Triangulation X online radio. Yadao also plays 8 bit music as Corset Lore and in the groups Frogwell, foci + loci and tu. Gottschalk plays in the duo Ecstasy Mule and hosts the Miniature Minotaurs program on WFMU. Zero Boy

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