Rick Wakeman’s Feast For Life

sauteed mushrooms

On May 18, 1949, musician Rick Wakeman was born in Perivale, Middlesex, England. While he is probably best known for his work in Yes, he has also produced a number solo works. In honor of his birthday, enjoy this recipe for scalloped mushrooms from Middlesex. The recipe comes from Pot-Luck, British Home Cookery, by May (Clarissa Gillington) Byron (1914).

Put the mushrooms into a saucepan with fresh butter, chopped parsley, shalots, and a few mushrooms, also chopped up; moisten them from time to time, with a little butter and water, mixed with flour, and stew them gently for about half an hour, then put them into scallop-shells or a dish, covered with crumbs of bread. Put them over a charcoal fire for a short time, and brown with a salamander.

sauteed mushrooms


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