Richlands, Virginia Shows Opposition to Public Tarot Reading

Last Friday, the SouthWest Virginia Today website reported on the town council meeting at which the matter of approving a zoning change that would formally make tarot reading being considered a legitimate business pursuit was discussed in front of a packed house of locals voicing their support or opposition.

The report says:

“Some said they feared for their family’s safety if the town permitted the practice to go on inside the store. Others argued the practice would open up ‘demonic realms’ which young children would be subjected to. Others said they feared a failure to prevent the change would go against them on judgment day. ..

“Some opponents urged the commission and council not to be intimidated by the possible threat of interference from the American Civil Liberties Union.

“’The town has already been intimidated by the American Civil Liberties Union,’ one woman said. ‘Our resources sometimes are limited and so they can make us cower sometimes, but in the boldness of the Holy Ghost, I bind their success.’”

Hmmm? “I bind their success”? Sounds like the Christian folk of the town in question are pots calling the kettle black here!

Read the whole story:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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  1. It seems to me that the town’s is using zoning to prohibit freedom of speech and religion. I hope the ACLU takes this up this first amendment violation so the shop owner is allowed to continue with their tarot readings. In order to deter further infringements to fee speech and religion, I hope the shop finds a very good law firm to take this up in a state or federal court and sue the town for establishing domination of the town’s religious beliefs over the shop owner’s religious or philosophical beliefs and preventing those engaged in discussing the tarot from talking about it. It’s time for US citizens to learn to live and let live, stop being judgemental (Judge not least ye be judged,) and remember that what goes around comes around or in other words, play nice or bad karma will get you… as it should.

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