Richard Kaczynski Panics July 19

Dr. Richard Kaczynski has announced a talk and book-signing at Pagan Pathways in Madison Heights, MI on July 19 to celebrate the release of a greatly revised and expanded 2nd edition of his Panic In Detroit book as well as the centennial of the publication of Aleister Crowley’s Blue Equinox (III:1). He describes the new edition of PID thus:

“It’s a fascinating and lurid slice of Detroit’s weird history involving British author, occultist and polymath Aleister Crowley; his heir apparent, Frater Achad; up-and-coming devotee W. T. Smith (fictionalized as the Grand Magus in CBS’s ‘Strange Angel’); and wealthy Detroit bookman Albert Winslow Ryerson, who agreed to distribute The Equinox and wound up getting WAY more than he bargained for when a moral panic over Detroit’s ‘love cult’ left the Motor City clutching its pearls.”

For more details visit the event’s page:


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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