Reproductions of the Stele of Revealing For Sale

Daemon Melissyios is selling reproduction of the Stele of Revealing for 490 English Pounds. We’ve never done business with him or giving any personal recommendations – just passing along the correspondence we received. The correspondence says:

“When Aleister Crowley added the Stele of Ankh-ef-en-Khonsu to the magical iconography of Thelema, it was not because he wanted to restore the worship of the ancient gods of Egypt, but because in those images that inspired thousands of generations of people, he read the symbols for a new understanding of the world and the place of man in it.

“From the artistic workshop of Daemon Melissyios, a faithful reproduction of the Stele of Revealing, now avaliable to the public. Handcrafted in natural wood, hand painted with paints/powders of byzantine hagiography using the traditional technique of egg tempera, covered with 22k gold foils and technically aged.”

The shop’s website says:

“It was in 1904 when Aleister Crowley accepted his call to Cairo, Egypt where he received the Book of the Law (Liber Al vel Legis) which heralds the new Age of the Child, a new era of religious, philosophical and moral worldview that to this day inspires thousands of people around the world.

“As part of his magical working, Crowley was led to find No. 666 in the newly opened Egyptian Museum where he discerned in this archaeological exhibit the metaphysical trinity of the Thelemic worldview. Since then, the Stele of Revealing (know also as the stele of Ankh-ef-en-Khonsu) has been the object of worship of every person who commemorates not only the Revelation of the Word of the New Age, but also the living connection of the ancient world with modern Western Esotericism.”

This is where you’d order one.


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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