Registration Open for 3rd Love Under Will Boat Excursion

The Love Under Will Boat is a sea cruise targeting Thelemites. Their next voyage takes place September 17 -21 and departs from Seattle, WA bound for Nanaimo and Victoria, British Columbia. Their site says:

“On our third voyage, Love Under Will Boat is literally going a whole new direction, and it starts with a nod to the dedicated, hard-working women of Thelema. Though many of us are more familiar with our cover person this voyage, Leila Waddell, there are many women in our past (and present) who have worked tirelessly to do the Great Work. In North America specifically, we find that four women, Emily Sophia Talbot-Smith, Catherine Skidmore, Prudence “Ruby” Stansfeld-Jones, and Maud Grady, were among those in the first group of initiations conducted at British Columbia Lodge #1 in Vancouver in 1915. To celebrate these women, and all women in Thelema, we have decided to take Love Under Will Boat III back to our North American roots, with a cruise to British Columbia!”

Make your reservations here:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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