Recipe for Riz Aleister Crowley has posted Aleister Crowley’s recipe for “Riz Aleister Crowley” an exceptionally hot curry he made on a mountaineering expedition.

From “Confessions”

“The weather made it impossible to do any serious climbing; but I learnt a great deal about the work of a camp at high altitudes, from the management of transport to cooking; in fact, my chief claim to fame is, perhaps, my “glacier curry.” It was very amusing to see these strong men, inured to every danger and hardship, dash out of the tent after one mouthful and wallow in the snow, snapping at it like mad dogs. They admitted, however, that it was very good as curry and I should endeavour to introduce it into London restaurants if there were only a glacier. Perhaps, some day, after a heavy snowfall”

The recipe  was found among his papers at Syracuse University in New York. You can view it here:

While his recipe doesn’t include measurements, DM enlisted a consultant chef to come up with reasonable amounts of the various ingredients. While some of her methodologies seem unlikely to have been employed by Crowley, unless you’re going hiking on a glacier any time soon, they seem appropriate to employ to yield edible results.

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